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    2. Thank you for volunteering to be a chef at our 24th Annual Brevard Cooking from the Heart!  Please fill in the form below to help us keep things organized.  If you have any questions after reading through and filling out the form, please feel free to contact Brooke Deratany Goldfarb, Brevard County Coordinator, 321-626-2858 or email:

      Our theme this year is “MENTORING ROCKS” so have fun coming up with your own display regarding anything to do with Rock: Your favorite Rock Band, Rock Star, Rock Candy, Jail House Rock, School House Rock, Plymouth Rock, School of Rock, get creative and dress the part. Get ready to ROCK!!  

      As a Chef, I understand that I am responsible for:
      -Preparing my own dish prior to the event.
      -Recruiting guests who can purchase tickets and support me.
      -Serving my special dish and bringing serving utensils, food warmers and electrical cords.
      -Bringing enough small portion sizes to serve approximately 150 people.

      Big Brothers Big Sisters will provide for me:
      -Free entry to the event.
      -Free entry for my assistant, who will support me throughout the evening.
      -Plates and silverware for the guests.
      -An 8 foot table that I will share with other chefs.
      - Chef's hat and apron. 

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      5. What are you making? It's ok if you don't know - just leave this blank!
      6. Do you have any special requests?
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      8. Name of ASSISTANT CHEF
      9. Is Primary Chef Younger than 18
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